S36 Rebar Cutter

For Capacity up to 46 mm Reinforced Steel Bar on Construction Site Job

Special features:-

  • Special steel high quality cutter.
  • High cutting speed for any rebar size.
  • All 8 cutter edges put to use.
  • Permanent Lubrication – Do not require lubrication for life time.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Single and contineous cutting possibl.
  • Low weight facilitates easy transportation at site through durable wheel.
  • Machine body is made from special alloy steel providing long life and Robust strength.
  • It’s durability has been verified by various customers in drastic Atmospheric conditions in countries like india, gulf countries And other african countries.
  • International Quality Motor and electricals.
  • Safety Cover.

8 Cutter Edge

All 8 cutter edges put to use, which provide 8 times higher service life than any other cutting blades. Also the blades are manufactured by traditional man-made process which is used to produce samurai sword, along with latest criogenic treatment which gives blade very high wear resistance with very high shock resistance.



Main Body Structure with Advanced Matellargy

Main body of machine is zero defect centrifuge spuncasted from customized alloy steel, subsequently it is normlized, sand blasted and CNC machined. The design feturing all the shock loads are distributed all over the body resulting in compact size along with maintaining robustness.

Advanced Synthetic Permanent Lubrication

Shell make Worry Free advanced synthetic permanent lubrication oil and grease pre-filled.No Need to wory about lubrication, oil level for life time in any atmosphear and drastic conditions. Just Plug nad play.



Safety Guard & Adjustable Wice

Maintaining global standards of Safety by providing safety guard over cutting area for preventing unwanted accidents. Machine is also equiped with easy adjutable wice to reduce shock on hand during cutting operation even for larger dial.

International Standard Motor

Machine is equiped with Lafert – Havells 3 HP three phase Motor which has international quality and standards. The motors are S1 duty rating along with Calss F insulation and IP – 55 protection.



IP 67 Junction Box

Machine is equiped with IP 67 class junction box along with 3 pole MCB for protection of the motor.

Technical Specifications