Swastik Entech Pvt. Ltd. Provides world’s Largest and one of the most energy efficient products are using several business operations like following :

  • Design Studio
  • All the parts like gears, shafts, machine body, blades are designed in our sophisticated design studio, where the material composition is also decided by creating simulation of products in CAD software & it provide us data regarding load, tensile strength, torque, safety factor etc. which help us to decide the material composition & shape, size of the parts. Electrical circuits or control panels are also designed using CAD software. Normally we are keeping safety factor at 3 for all our products and maintaining global DIN standards for Durability, working life, safety and emergency situations.

  • Purchasing Raw Material
  • After deciding the requirements from our designing studio, we buy the raw materials like MS plates for our m/c body from ESSAR, SAIL, TATA & their authorized dealers. These raw materials are tested by third party laboratories. Then this raw material is directly supplied to our different contract manufacturers for maintaining speed of production as well as for maintaining quality as per our drawing requirements.

  • Manufacturing
  • Design drawings & dimensions are sent to our contract manufacturers. The raw material is also sent to them. The produced parts are also tested by third party laboratory for hardness, cracks using ULTRA & SPECTRO methods. Some confidential parts are manufactured in our workshop. Every single part has provided minimum two different contract manufacturers to maintain the frequently used part’s avaibility and to avoid any shortages of the parts. Also this strategy helps us to maintain tolerance and quality of the part because all parts are been checked by our approved testing laboratories like Metal Labs etc. by this strategy we have gained great production speed with maximum quality because we never compromises with quality in all our parts because the parts which are been passed through inspection are only delivered to our assembly lines. For example rebar cutting machine body we have 4 different contract manufacturers. All the planning is given to them with drawings and tolerances, they made this machine body from EN material Block and then machining is done on CNC VMC, Boring, Drilling, Taping etc, machines.

  • Assembly
  • All manufactured parts which are been passed through our quality test for dimensions, material composition, tolerances, mechanical properties and surface finishes are brought to our workshop & are tested for its Dimensions & laboratory test certificates. The parts which get passed in our quality check list are used to assemble the machines in our assembly workshop. All parts have their unique batch number with manufacturer’s identity. This helps us to back check any investigation regarding products performance review through Programmed and timed Customer feedback system.

  • Finishing
  • After assembling the machine, painting work is done. Then electrical work is done using drawing of our control panel wiring which is been provided by our design studio. We also provide the customised colour & naming and tagging the nameplates as per customer requirements with additional charges and also the customised colour and nameplate requirement can slightly delay the delivery time.[/list_item]

  • Quality in design
  • As mentioned above we are designing our products in our design studio, we are keeping quality right from the start of designing keeping in mind the priority of quality, durability, user friendliness of our products, protection of workers working on our products & acceptability in market for making it economical. We are making our machine such that they are 99.9 % recyclable keeping in mind the environmental needs and all our products are most energy efficient in its class keeping in mind of trends of cost and requirements of Energy.

  • Quality in Process
  • The composition of material is being kept secret even from our contract manufacturers to avoid duplication. These manufactured parts are being tested for hardness, cracks using ULTRA, SPECTRO & PULSE ECHO REFLECTION A-SCAN methods by third party laboratory. These parts are also tested for dimensions, tolerances & surface finishes.

  • Quality in after sales service
  • We are providing very quickly after sales service & parts support globally through our well trained engineering personals present in global network for providing after sales service and parts support, training and other required services. Depending upon location of construction site. We are also providing fully detailed & functional Product Manual with each product which contains warranty card also, which provide the buyer through understanding for that particular product & buyer can easily repair minor faults or problems like wiring, installation & other things.