Automatic Bar Bending Machine – B32-DS

For Capacity up to 32 mm Reinforced Steel Bar on Construction Site Job

Special features:-

  • State of the art planetary gear system for long life with maintenance free operation. Also this technology provides very high torque and energy efficiency.
  • Bend angle pre-selection by dial, so no pins are required for selecting bend angles.
  • Specially made for very adverse construction site conditions. Even unskilled workers can operate this machine without any damages.
  • Double acting: – turn table works in both clock wise & counter-clock wise directions. and dirction can be selected from HMI display.
  • Multi speed: – Machine uses VFD and PLC and due to this the machine bending speed is automatically selected by itself when operator enters the bar diameter in Display. Which removes the human error for speed selection according to bar dia.
  • Large assortment of bending and stirrup tools for verity of bending operations and verity of rebar sizes.
  • Most energy efficient, light weight, and robust in its class.
  • Programmable angles for making stirrups at high speed, producing 2000 to 4000 stirrups per day.
  • Features Like hour meter is available as standard to facilitate operator’s efficiency

This bender is proven workhorses for bending reinforcing bar. The rugged, heavy welded steel construction combined with
simple mechanical planetary drive assures continuous operation under adverse conditions. All types of bending to be performed
with ease. Swastik Rebar Bender B32-DS has 0 to 180 degree bend stations, setting up angles by touch screen digital
display, and 12 differnt angles can be stored to process stirrups. This machine provides higher accuracy and production
due to automation of angles and programmes.

Whatever the application, capacity requirement of bar size we will have rebar bender for you. Equipment for rebar fabricator,
pre-casters, building supply houses, construction companies and where ever steel has to be ben.

Large Assortment of tools

The machine is been provided with large assortment of tools for bending as well as making stirrups, which makes it the universal bending machine for reinforcement steel bar, due to capability of bending up to 32mm FE-500 grade with high production for stirrups, arround 2000 to 4000 stirrups / day. Other than these bending and stirrup tools, no other parts are required frequently. And more over these tools are made from special alloy steel which provide the very long service life also.



State of the Art Planetary Gearbox

Due to inhouse R & D we have developed state of the art Planetary gear box, which eleminates the need of belts, pullies. And this system reduces the need of input power, and it saves the energy becasue it consumes only 3 HP power for bending true capacity of 32mm FE-500 grade bar.

Moreover due to planetary gearbox coupled directly with motor decreases the maintainance, wear & tear and increase the life of the gearbox. This gearbox provide the best possible accuracy in its class.

Making such innovative gearbox facilitate us to make machine very portable, lightweight and with highest torque in its class consuming only 3 HP power for bending 32mm rebar of strength 650Nm2

Digital Touch key control Consol

In this model, we have provided digital touch key consol,which provide the ease of operation, accuracy and fast setup for angles and stirrup programmes

There are three different modes are available, like normal angle mode in which you can opearte the machine as manual machine, speed angle mode, where you can store your friequently required angles like 90, 135, 180 etc

And stirrup mode, where you can programme the stirrup and can store up to 12 angles so no need to change the angles for each bend of stirrups.



Use of Sensorless Vector Control Veriable Frequency Drive

Being updated with international technology we are using sensorless vector controlled veriable frequncy drive of Schneider make ATV 32 model. Which eleminates requirment of mechanical contactors, auxilary contactors. Also provide soft start to machine, which removes shocks on gearbox leading to higher machine life. Moreover it consumes less power compared to other machines in the same catagory.The service of these drives is internationally available from Schneide.

Two Speed

By use of VFD the additional feature like two speed also available. MeansOperator can use machine at 14 Turn Table RPM for bar dia up to 16. And for above 16 MM operator can use the machine at 7 Turn Table RPM. Means higher productivity for smaller bar dia. More over machine will always return to home at higher speed regardless to bar dia. Means reduction of waste of time where. Du to these features the machine is thebest in its class in international marke.

Use of High Life Cycle Foot Switches

We are using international standard high life cycle foot switch of Schneider Make XPEG 310 model, which provides 10000000 contact pressing life cycles. Moreover the parts used by us in these machines are internationally available. Means you dont have to reach us everytime for finding parts of the machines. Service of these foot switches is internationally available from Schneider.



Use of Standard Quality Flange Motor

We are using Havells-Lafert make flange mounted and VPI treated motors to meat international standard and higher efficiencies. These motors are directly coupled with gearbox which elimintes requirement of Pulley and belt. Which reduces the frequent settings and maintainance of belt with motor position.

Due to direct drive and standard motors the efficiency of torque tranmission is achieved above 90%. Moreover these motors are internationally available in most of the countries. So you dont have to wait for supply from us if it is required. The service of the motors is also available internationally by Toll Free Number.

Technical Specifications