The company SEPL was established in 1993 by Mr. Kalpesh Gajjar in a small town called Visnagar which is located in Gujarat, India. The company was formed and operated as a research center which worked on various products developed by Mr. Kalpesh Gajjar. After a short period, Mr. Kalpesh Gajjar (founder) analyzed the market for his developed products and converted the research center into a manufacturing company. The company first launched two products, S32 and B32 which are bar cutting and bar bending machine respectively. It took more than three years to develop these two products and the company started production of these machines by 1995. SEPL was the pioneer company in 1995 which manufactured these machines and generated whole new sector in the industry.


Even though the first Indian rebar bending and shearing machines were introduced into the market in early 90’s, these machines are still in production under the brand of Rebarman and there are various models of these machines: S32, S50(formerly S42), B32, and B42, and B50. That is why SEPL is known as one of the bests when it comes to rebar and wire mesh processing machinery in India. These machines feature high-performance and easy operation. Currently, we provide a full range of machines and plants for rebar and wire mesh fabrication. We offer an unbeatable spectrum of products and able to set excellent references. Innovative prowess, highly motivated team to offer guaranteed top-quality assembly, machines with long life, and equipment for greater efficiency and achieve maximum output. Our products and services range is unrivaled and comprises bending & shearing machines, mobile & stationary shear lines, CNC bending machines, straightening machines, handling equipment for rebar processing as well as machines and plants for rebar mesh fabrication


Today, we answer all questions regarding product requirements, plants requirements, and even design plants as per customer’s requirement in the field of Rebar & Wire mesh fabrication and machinery. We also provide custom-made machines to fulfill customer’s requirement with greater efficiency and required output.